About us

Máté János, tulajdonos
János Máté

“Years ago, as a group of friends made up of athletes, Promove started with a truck. Our goal is to achieve the highest level of service at an affordable, fair price, to enable everyone to hire a moving company. We thought it was important from the beginning that only those who could identify with the spirit of the founding members could join us later. Nowadays we have a fleet of trucks, we are proud of the trust and satisfaction of dozens of large companies and many customers.

We build everything on recommendation, so if you honor us with your trust and our service wins your liking, then recommend us to others!”


Why choose us?

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Organized, cost-efficient work

Our loaders work in a well-tried system, where the work is of high standard.

Fast delivery

Due to the organized and coordinated work, the pace has increased reducing the duration of moving.

Reliable loaders

All our employees have clearances, the safety of your valuables are guaranteed.

Physical strength

We employ loaders in their physical prime, as we expect fast pace and high working capacity.


By moving with us, you also support Heim Pál Children's Hospital. We are proud of our donation contract and of our highlighted supporter status.

Regular customers

Regular customers will receive discounts.

Contact us!

Customer service number

Monday to Saturday from 8 to 5 p.m.