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Residential moving is a separate profession – mainly in Budapest.


With many years of experience behind us, we recommend that you entrust the delivery of your valuables and furniture exclusively to a reliable moving company! Promove’s youthful, fair, well-powered team delivers your belongings in the shortest possible time, with the utmost care and efficiency. Feel free to entrust us with everything except booking a parking space and packing it in labeled boxes – we guarantee quality and professional relocation. In addition, we only charge for the actual work done for our service, without hidden costs!

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What makes moving and furniture transportation so different in Budapest?

In addition to carrying, moving and furniture transportation in Budapest, there are countless circumstances that are worth counting on. This includes, in addition to frequent road closures, traffic diversion, partial area closures due to possible events, often one-way streets. In addition, furniture transportation in downtown storey houses is a problem mainly in old houses without elevators. On the one hand, these circumstances require thorough territorial knowledge on the part of the driver, up-to-date information on current closures and serious muscle strength from the wrapping staff.
From this it is easy to see that moving and transporting furniture in Budapest presents challenges that only professional and prepared companies can effectively cope with. The Promove team works with a dedicated dispatcher who keeps colleagues up to date on the current road situation, and our staff is former athletes whose physical stamina easily copes with the problems posed by the floors.
Of course, it is not a problem to ask for furniture transport to the countryside either. We also undertake the moving and transportation of furniture from Budapest nationwide. In some cases, furniture delivery can be resolved immediately, please contact our customer service for details!

What should be included in the quotation request?

When requesting a quote, it is worth including all important information. First of all, it is important to indicate the size of the apartment, because it already indicates the size of the move, and it is worth writing an itemized list of the furniture to be moved and indicate if there are individual, large furniture.

Approximately estimate the number of boxes, suitcases, bags in which your movable property will be placed.

It is important to indicate the specifics of the site. This includes, for example, if it is not possible to park in front of the house because of what floor the apartment is located, or the absence of an elevator, or if a long corridor is accessible only to the apartment.

When listing household appliances, it is worth indicating the size of the machines. It doesn’t matter if you have to take a 140-litre mini operating room or a side-by-side type.

It may be important to anticipate if there are a lot of fragile items in the packages to be moved, because their placement may require special action.

It is also worth asking for a quote by asking for information on the extra services, because it may turn out that it is worth the excess in abundance because it brings back its price elsewhere. Such services may include relocation with boxing, the provision of packaging materials or waste removal.

How is the removals in Budapest?

Successful order will be confirmed and our colleague will contact you to arrange details. At the agreed time, our colleagues will accurately appear on the spot and indicate on the phone number provided for contact that they are ready to start moving. Ideally, the customer will reserve a parking space, if this has not been done, we choose a suitable parking space, which is as close as possible to the place of removal and sufficient space for safe loading.

Our colleagues then go into the apartment and assess the items to be moved. If there is a special request, the order will be discussed, otherwise the most ideal course of loading and transportation will be taken into account. At this time, the time is recorded and the removals begin.

If you have requested additional services, our staff will begin the boxing, dismantling and safe packaging of the furniture. After that, the loading starts on the truck, which our colleagues will do as efficiently and quickly as possible.

When the loading closes, we drive over to the destination in the shortest possible way, taking into account the current traffic traffic information and possible closures.

After arrival, the unbacking begins. Our colleagues take the boxes and furniture to the exact room where you request and place them in their final place. If you have also required furniture installation, our colleagues will efficiently and professionally perform the installation and fixing of the furniture if necessary. When everything is in place, the clock is sealed and the final settlement is carried out.

Why can Promove offer its services at a fair price?

Like most moving companies, Promove works with hourly rate accounting. However, it is important to see that it is not the lower hourly rate that guarantees cheaper moving, but speed. Moving is protracted if the endurance of those carrying out the transport is inadequate. And this means a more expensive move even with a cheaper hourly rate at the end.

Promove staff ensures fast and smooth organization, and our professional team of former athletes guarantees muscle strength that can carry out the most difficult objects in a fraction of time.

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The date of your move should be carefully thought out. You may want to know that many more people move in the end of the month period, as most of the time sales or leases are written by end of month transfer. This is why this is the busiest period, so it is worth booking the relocation for this period well in advance.
It is a common experience that what looks like a quantity of two to three boxes can only fit into five to six boxes. One of the reasons is that it is difficult to estimate volumes until they are placed in a box. Another reason is that packaging materials also take a certain volume, which further increases the number of required boxes. If you are unsure, ask for a site survey, our colleagues will be happy to help.
Take the money and get the boxes for moving! The used boxes brought from the corner shop are free of charge, but a lot of value has been lost when such used, often damaged boxes gave up the fight. Promove is ready to provide high-quality boxes and packaging materials that keep your values travelling safely.
It is important to request a quote accurately, the more information you disclose, the better. Promove assigns the required number of colleagues for each move based on the quantity of material to be moved in the order, so that we can guarantee low costs and efficient moving. You are not bad if we send more people, as they do the moving faster, so we charge less hours.
Label the boxes, so that our staff can take them straight to the right room and you don't have to move the boxes for the kitchen from the living room. If you report the boxes, it is easier to keep track of which one went into, and it is also possible to review whether something is accidentally missing after unpacking.
We do not recommend using bags because they are very vulnerable. If you do pack in a bag, choose only the strongest and pack clothes, towels and blankets.
Do not water the plants before moving. Some leaves may turn yellow, but this is easier to recover than the sprinkling water flowing into the television or microwave during transportation. It is worth transporting the plants in a box open from above and lined with plastic film at the bottom, in case the earth does spill out or something spills out.
Drain the water from the washing machine and dishwasher one day before moving, so that no stagnant water remains in the appliance. The water that runs out can soak your values and cause damage to electrical equipment. Unpack and defrost the refrigerator so that no similar damage can be caused by the melting water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Basically the sooner the better, so that the more dates you can choose from. However, it is worthwhile to fix the appointment at least two weeks in advance.

It is worth spending the money and using boxes specially designed for moving. The bottom of these is reinforced, and the side walls are not torn, so your values will surely be preserved. Promove also has the skill to help you get boxes.

Take into account the load capacity of the box! Do not overload the boxes and, if possible, divide heavy items into several boxes. For example, put books in the box only in one layer, and clothes, pillows can be placed on top. This will make maximum use of the volume, and the box will not break. Try nothing to hang out of the boxes because this will make it difficult to place the box on the truck.

Furniture must be emptied before delivery and disassembled as necessary. Furniture doors and drawers must be glued so that they do not open during transportation. For gluing, it is recommended to use not brown glue for packaging, but so-called masking tape, which will surely hold, but can be removed from furniture without a trace.

Our employees carry out transportation in the shortest possible way and as quickly as possible, taking into account traffic and possible closures.

Of course, we undertake, whether to transport a piano or heavy furniture. If you need to transport a piece of furniture, do not hesitate to contact us.

How is the invoiced time calculated?

Promove uses hourly rate based settlement with no costs involved. If you request your move on weekends or holidays, a 15% surcharge will be charged. For rural and foreign relocation please ask for our detailed quotation!

Payment in cash is due after the closure of the removals, when the actual hourly rate is payable.

Contact our staff and request a quote today! We look forward to your honorable inquiry.

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