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International movings in maximum quality.

Our international relocation service solves all the logistical problems of moving abroad. Whether you want to take a few things with you when you start a new life in another country, or you need a complete international relocation with boxing and furniture delivery. You can always count on our many years of experience, professional colleagues and reliable machinery fleet.

When moving abroad, it is even more important to have high-quality infrastructure, as it is more difficult to ask for help and it takes a long time for a new truck to arrive. Continuous maintenance of Promove’s cars ensures that our vehicles will not let you down the long road and your values arrive safely. And the GPS installed in cars allows you to keep track of the movement of the truck and its values on the fly.

We employ our drivers following a multi-step selection process and thorough due diligence, which guarantees that we only work with trusted colleagues. Our employees have seen almost everything, their expertise and competence are guaranteed by their many years of experience, so they can successfully deal with any problems encountered on the go.

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Nemzetközi költöztetés

Who can use the international relocation service?

Promove is a domestic and international moving company, so we can carry out moving abroad from any customer, whether residential or corporate.

What counts as international relocation?

We talk about international relocation if one of the two addresses (either the departure or the destination) is not a Hungarian address. From this point of view, it doesn’t matter whether we move to the border or to a distant country on the continent.

Which countries does Promove deliver to?

Promove undertakes international moving and delivering furniture anywhere within the European Union.

What deadlines does Promove undertake international relocation?

When moving abroad, it is extremely true that it is worth ordering the service as soon as possible. The commitment deadline depends on several factors. Such as the distance to the destination, how frequented time the move would take place, or how far the order can be placed in advance. Promove will do everything possible to fulfill orders that may seem impossible, but if you want to be sure, plan ahead.

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What is the process of international removals?

The process of international moving starts similarly to domestic moving. You can read more about this on our residential moving page. First and foremost here, too, is to receive the order on time, on the basis of which our colleague will contact you to clarify the details.
In case of moving abroad, it is very important to be able to accurately determine the amount of things to be moved. This is necessary because excess weight on the truck can be fined, which is worth avoiding.
Transport abroad requires filling out quite a few paperwork, for which we need certain data and information. In this regard, our colleague will carry out all the consultations on time, but this is also one of the reasons why we need to start organizing foreign relocations in time.
In case of international relocation, after packing, we will proceed immediately to the foreign address in the shortest possible way. To do this, if necessary, we also use motorways, the fee of which will be charged at the time of liquidation.
Upon arrival, it is worth providing a host who will reserve the parking space in advance and make sure that empty time does not go away with anticipation. Our colleague will give you information on the expected arrival time by phone.
After unpacking the last box, we close the hourly rate count and carry out the winding up.

How are international relocation prices calculated?

International removals prices are basically calculated on an hourly basis, but there are additional items (such as toll, ferry or bridge usage fee, etc.) that we can accurately determine during the winding up settlement. Due to the distance, in any case, two drivers are involved in the moving, because international transport is limited the time that can be spent on the axle. The two drivers will do the unpacking at the destination.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you already know when you would move, it is a good idea to book your appointment as early as possible but at least two to three weeks prior to departure so that we can take your assignment with greater certainty.

This is always a function of traffic conditions, which is the more unpredictable the farther we have to transport. It is important to take into account the possible seasonal increase in border traffic and border traffic obstacles in uncertain times (such as due to paándemia). In all cases, our colleagues carry out the removals in the shortest possible way, taking into account the current traffic conditions. Guests waiting at the reception station will be informed by phone prior to arrival.

Yes, our company provides a complete international relocation service, including the transportation of heavy furniture. In your quotation, please indicate if you also need to transport large or heavy furniture so that it can be properly included in the weight calculation.

The rules for international removals are stricter than domestic ones. Unfortunately, we do not have a passenger license, so only our employees can travel in the moving car.

The international transport of animals also has strict rules even within the European Union, so unfortunately we cannot take on such a task.

It is worth spending the money and using boxes specially designed for moving. The bottom of these is reinforced, and the side walls are not torn, so your values will surely be preserved. Promove also has the skill to help you get boxes.

Take into account the load capacity of the box! Do not overload the boxes and, if possible, divide heavy items into several boxes. For example, put books in the box only one line, and on top you can put clothes, pillows. This will make maximum use of the volume, and the box will not break. Try nothing to hang out of the boxes because this will make it difficult to place the box on the truck.

Furniture must be emptied before delivery and disassembled as necessary. Furniture doors and drawers must be glued so that they do not open during transportation. For gluing, it is recommended to use not brown glue for packaging, but so-called masking tape, which will surely hold, but can be removed from furniture without a trace.

Feel free to contact our customer service with any questions! We look forward to your honorable inquiry.

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