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In the case of corporate moving or office moving, choosing a reliable moving company is in the fundamental financial interest of the company. If employees are not able to hire the job on time, it can be a huge financial loss for the company. That is why the most important thing for a company is that the removals take place exactly at the scheduled pace and deadline. Promove with many years of experience and vigorous colleagues with good endurance professionally and pre-planning guarantees a smooth process of moving any company, business or office.

The customer service of Promove supports the relocation of companies in a unique way in the market by planning and participates in the development of the optimal moving plan. Based on the needs of your company, we will establish the exact process of the removals to the last detail, so that you can continue the work in the shortest possible time without interruption.

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Company moving with planning

When moving an office, in any case, a preliminary planning precedes the removals. It is necessary to know exactly what amount of documents and office equipment will have to be moved in addition to the furniture and general fixtures of the office. If, due to the size of the office or company, the removals do not fit in one day, it is necessary to map out the priorities so that the work stops for as short as possible.

The new office may not yet be fully available, but the contract in the old place has already expired. In such a case, it is not possible to transfer all materials at once, so storage is required. Promove can also help you organize your warehousing tasks.

What is included in a company moving service?

In the case of office moving or company removals, it is not only necessary to think about moving to a new site. You can also count on Promove’s specialists if your company has outgrown your office and moves to another office level within the office building. Minor removals are carried out even without a survey with hourly rate settlement.

The other extreme is when several office levels have to be moved to a new address. Of course, Promove is also ready to provide support for a smooth move in this case.

What is the process of company moving?

The company’s moving also start by requesting a quote, during which we pick up the parameters in advance. This includes, for example, from where to where the move takes place, what is the floor area of the office, how furnished it is, etc. In the message related to the quotation request, it is important to specify whether it is an office move or any other useful information.

This is followed by a pre-quote in an email, which can begin the exact consultation and the establishment of a moving schedule. Many issues need to be clarified during the planning process, so it is worthwhile to allow a sufficient amount of time so that all points that may still arise on the go fall into place.

On the day of the move, our colleagues do the work according to the agreed schedule. It is important that all information is available on site. For example, boxes must be properly labeled and numbered, access to all rooms is ensured, etc.

Upon arrival at the destination, it is important to accurately direct the movers and have access to all necessary premises. There should be a person present who conducts the arrival of the moved materials. This guarantees that all materials arrive and can put it where it belongs, so that later nothing has to be moved again.

We do our best during planning and delivery to ensure that the relocation is carried out as quickly and smoothly as possible, and not a single precious day falls out of the life of your company.

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The appointment of a coordinator in the company is essential. The coordinator should be available from planning to unpacking the last box and inform everyone properly.
There should be enough space in the destination where arriving belongings can fit in the right order. It can be a problem that there is nowhere to place the documents before assembling the furniture. This can be helped by disassembling and assembling Promove furniture.
Professional packaging of expensive office furniture can prevent serious impairment, and at your request we provide high-quality protective film for the packaging of furniture and professional packaging. Do not forget to glue the doors and drawers!
Office furniture can only be transported when emptied and in most cases disassembled, which must be taken care of before the start of the removals. Our colleagues will be happy to help you with this, even at no extra charge.
Employees of the company should empty their personal belongings from office furniture and drawers in advance, because there is no way to supervise personal belongings during the removals.
The packaging of office equipment must be carried out especially carefully, and this is true when moving over long distances, as objects move more easily on long journey. At your request, we provide quality packaging material to ensure that your expensive office equipment arrives intact.
Delivering a company server requires special care and expertise, and be sure to entrust this to professionals. Promove also delivers computing devices professionally.
Office documents and archive libraries should be boxed system. Make sure that the contents of the boxes are accurately displayed, get the appropriate code and serial number, which allows you to make everything you need immediately after the move.
If the boxes contain confidential materials, it is important to mark this separately and indicate it in advance so that our staff can take special care.
It is important that there is no watering before moving, and if possible, the plants are placed in boxes.
For the smooth continuation of the operation of the company, it is worth considering the possibility of moving on weekends, although this comes with some extra costs, but in most cases it pays off well by allowing employees to rehire work on Monday on a regular basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Company moving is a complex task, so it is worth preparing carefully. Developing the perfect moving schedule takes time, so we recommend that you request a quote at least three to two weeks before your scheduled move date. Our colleagues will be back on the same day and will do everything possible so that the organization of the removals can begin immediately.

It depends on many factors. This can be the floor area of the office, the number and type of furniture (how much to install, how big it is, etc.), how much office equipment needs to be transported, what is the size of the document or archive store, what distance we move, etc. When requesting a quote, our staff can provide you with accurate information in the knowledge of the details.

It also depends on the size of the office and the number of fixtures, documents, technical equipment. We are happy to provide you with a preliminary quotation, which we can clarify by knowing the details.

The company movings are carried out by Promove’s knowledgeable, reliable and experienced colleagues who have undergone multi-circuit screening. Our staff is former athletes whose excellent physique is a guarantee that the removals will take place at maximum speed. Entrust us with your company’s values and confidential materials, we handle everything with maximum attention and discretion.

Of course. At your request, we can provide suitable packaging material and help you with the professional packaging of the machine park.

No. Whether you move your two-room small office to another level, or you need to move the entire office building levels to a new location. You can count on our expertise, many years of experience and fair prices at all times.

Our livelihood depends on your satisfaction. Most of our clients find us based on references and recommendations, so it is essential for us that you are satisfied with the quality, speed and price of the removals.

Please review the list of our previous partners and references and feel free to contact us!

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