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Moving always makes a big difference in a person’s life, even when we change our place of residence within the city. New neighbors, a new neighborhood, a new community and not least another apartment we have to get used to. However, the change is even greater when moving between cities, especially when moving from Budapest to the countryside.

Moving from Budapest to the countryside can be a lot of excitement and tension, and if we have a lot of things, we can experience this as an even bigger procedure. However, if you entrust us with this task, we will take most of the burden off your shoulders! Our blog article explains how it all happens and assure you that your move is in the best hands with us!


If you do not have much practice in moving, you can look hopelessly through the furniture of your apartment, books, clothes, kitchen equipment and technical items that should soon be in another place, and tens or hundreds of kilometers away. You can probably see the situation as frustratingly hopeless.

Good friends give advice on packaging, which usually also contradict each other. You are encouraged to buy banana boxes in the corner shop or buy garbage bags, and worse, you have already acquired these supplies.

However, we have good news! If you contact us, you will be moved according to a real and well-functioning system, and none of your items of use will be damaged or lost during the move, and you will be well aware of the cost of moving!

How to pack?

It is most practical to use special moving boxes that you can get from us. These boxes are the right size, well packed and easy to carry in hand, so during the move our carriers can quickly and easily bring your belongings to the car and then to your new home at the destination. On the boxes write the room in the new apartment, so we will take it there purposefully. If you do not want to pack, you can entrust this task to us!

Moving from Budapest to the countryside

You should take care of a parking space, so our car can stop as close to your apartment as possible, thereby spending less time packing. In Budapest, in many cases there are few parking spaces, so this is a real problem. If we can stop three blocks away, it will take more time to carry the boxes down, and you may incur more costs.

After loading, we start the shortest route to the rural destination, where we will immediately start loading according to the instructions written on the boxes.

Why choose us?

Speed is very important to us, so our colleagues have been selected so that their fitness is the best. When meeting in person you are guaranteed not to be disappointed! Our team consists of athletes, former athletes, colleagues who are trained and in excellent physical shape, so the work will go quickly, disciplined and without problems.

Moving from Budapest to the countryside is our specialty! Get in touch with us and we guarantee that your move will be in the smoothest and most professional way. We understand that you are asking for quotations from several places, as moving to the countryside is a big task, but do not fall for a lower hourly rate! With a low hourly rate, time can be dragged away for a long time if the organization is not good or the movers are slow.

Our colleagues strive for speed, so you can expect a better end result overall. Get in touch with us and let’s start working together!


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Do not have any problems with the furniture assembly after the move!


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