Do not have any problems with the furniture assembly after the move!

Furniture assembly is not easy, so our service is a huge help for customers who do not want to install their furniture on a sheet with their own hands during the move. In fact, any furniture that was originally also sheet mounted must be dismantled again for the period of delivery. Unfortunately, this operation cannot be saved, as otherwise the furniture may be damaged or other objects may be damaged.

Moving must be prepared professionally

Remember that we will transfer your collected, purchased, created things and values during your lifetime, so we consider it very important to do all this professionally, quickly and without problems. For this, however, it is necessary that the belongings are prepared in such a way that the move does not cause damage to them.

It is important to use only moving boxes that are stable, durable and lockable. Valuable technical articles and artifacts must be securely foiled, shelves and drawers of cabinets should be emptied, and certain furniture must be dismantled.

What furniture should be dismantled?

Grandma’s two-door wardrobe is sure to withstand a few more moves, as most of the old furniture is made using technology that could only be dismantled by wrecking, as well as the material is thick.

However, the vast majority of today’s modern furniture comes to us in a sheet assembled state from the shop and must be assembled using the assembly instructions, as well as the attached screws and other additional parts. Now, these furniture cannot move assembled, as they are thin, they can simply break to dump a larger pothole, and when overwhelmed, they can crush other objects traveling on the car.

No need to be scared if the furniture assembly is not your table!

We are very happy to take this burden off your shoulders, ask for a quote and don’t be nervous about transporting furniture! We know that it is not an easy task to disassemble and assemble furniture, but our moving staff is highly experienced, so they will be happy to do this for you.

What could be the difficulty of furniture assembly?

When you purchase your latest cabinet, you will receive the assembly instructions for it. Therefore, it is usually not difficult for a member of the family to take on this noble task and assemble the furniture. Then the next thing happens in 99.9% of households: all paper, leftover parts, emptied bags go to the trash can.

When it comes to dismantling and assembling furniture when moving, the assembly instructions have long been obscured. In this case, we can still try to disassemble, but putting it together is already quite problematic, and the removed screws often become fog during the move.

And if you do not undertake the installation of furniture for health or age reasons, professional help will also come in handy.

How do we mount?

Our employees have no problem installing furniture, as they do this work on a daily basis. By looking at the furniture, they can immediately assess where to start the operation, and the removed screws and parts are treasured, so the assembly is done simply and professionally.

If you entrust this operation to us, you can be sure that your furniture will be in the same impeccable condition after moving and assembly as when it stood in your old apartment.

When moving, we are at your disposal with several additional services, furniture assembly is also our specialty. Contact us if you have any further questions!


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