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Do you want a professional move at the right price?

Faster pace, cheaper move!

Most movers works hourly, but what is the pace of work?! Our teams of ex-athletes are the guarantee that you can save time and thus money thanks to our good endurance.

We build on recommendations.

Over the years we are proud of the opinions of countless of our satisfied customers and partners. We belive that the recommendation is the best advertisement, we will do our best for your positive opinion!

Let's help sick children together!

If you move with us, you will also support the Heim Pál Children’s Hospital, and we are proud of our long-term donation contract and our special support status.


They said about us

Kulcsár Edina

“They said they were pros, yet I was pleasantly disappointed! I hadn’t used the help of a moving company before because I hadn’t needed it so far, and I was a little afraid of it because in most cases I heard that movers were working slowly to pull time, so you have to pay more. In the case of Promove, I found the exact opposite! It was as if the boys wanted to set up some individual peak! They are extra fast and kind, and I am extra satisfied.”

Edina Kulcsár
Beauty queen
Debreczeny Csaba

“In a person’s life, it rarely happens that he moves and if he moves, he leaves his life so far, he wants to move quickly and painlessly. If he wants to move that way, I can recommend Promove! Fast, pros, good-natured, and which is also important that they work at a good price! It is terribly respectable to have been a professional athlete who has put their lives so far into the sport and since they had to switch, they were contracted to a similarly professional team! I can only recommend them to everyone!”

Csaba Debreczeny
Jászai Mari Award-winning actor


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Máté János, tulajdonos
János Máté

“Years ago, as a group of friends made up of athletes, Promove started with a truck. Our goal is to achieve the highest level of service at an affordable, fair price, to enable everyone to hire a moving company. We thought it was important from the beginning that only those who could identify with the spirit of the founding members could join us later. Nowadays we have a fleet of trucks, we are proud of the trust and satisfaction of dozens of large companies and many customers.

We build everything on recommendation, so if you honor us with your trust and our service wins your liking, then recommend us to others!”

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Make moving easier with Promove's professional team

Fast moving is a cheap moving

Don’t fall for numbers. Most moving companies work with hourly rate based settlement, but it is not the lower hourly rate that guarantees a cheaper move, but the faster one. If the endurance of the transport guard is inadequate, the removals will definitely be longer. And that means a more expensive move even with the cheaper hourly rate, not to mention the jitters for a long time. Speed of work is a critical point for successful moving. This speed can be accelerated by two things: proper organization and reliable muscle strength. Our dedicated dispatching service and many years of experience provide the smooth organization, and the muscular strength is guaranteed by our blood professional team of former athletes. We play a sport of fast moving.

How to choose a moving company?

Moving is a trust service, but at first glance it is difficult to determine who you can entrust your values and home to. However, there are three things that tell you in advance that you are in the right place: contact, references and the range of available services.

1. Contact

In a professional moving company, it is not the truck driver who picks up the phone on the fly for a customer inquiry, but a customer contact, with whom the customer will be able to contact at any time and will receive answers to all their questions. Promove operates a dispatching service and works with a dedicated customer contact. Our contact person’s only job is to guarantee the smooth flow of your move, answer your questions and assist you in making decisions in everything whether it’s choosing a date, using any additional services (such as boxing or littering), packaging materials, or any individual wishes.

 2. References

It can cause irreparable damage if an ordered removals are not done in the expected order. The work of companies can be disrupted, causing a huge loss of income if the office removals are not carried out on time and the workers cannot continue to work. Family values can be destroyed if incompetent people take control of the move. That’s why it’s so important to start your search with the relocation company references. You can also view the references of Promove on our website. Our livelihood is based on your satisfaction, as a serious proportion of our clients find us through recommendation. That is why it is extremely important for us that in addition to fair prices, we guarantee the outstanding quality of work with quick, courteous and competent colleagues. We don’t hire work that we can’t do with maximum quality. We arrange all the details of the removals in advance and carry out the agreed tasks according to the schedule.

 3. Scope of services

An important aspect when choosing a moving company can be the availability of additional services, which make it easier for the customer. Such a service can be the provision of quality packaging material in which fragile or even heavy items can be safely transported. However, Promove not only helps with packaging material, but at your request it performs the entire boxing professionally and safely, saving you even long days of work and the nerves during transportation. Many furniture cannot be transported in assembled condition. However, the assembly also requires expertise and tools, which is not available in every household. Our colleagues are happy to help with the installation of furniture as well, and with us all tools are guaranteed to be at hand. One of the additional tasks of the removals is the dismantling of unnecessary things, the removal of waste. Promove can help you with this, either in connection with moving or as a stand-alone service. A serious moving company doesn’t just take jobs within the city. Promove’s professional moving services can be found in Budapest, both domestically and abroad with the same high quality.

What can you do for a cheaper move?

Ensuring proper parking space is of paramount importance, it is ideal if the 2-3 car space is as close as possible to the entrance for the truck. Many people pull trash cans on their intended parking spaces. Perhaps the best option is to take your own car in front of the entrance the day before (if you can ask for your partner or neighbor you will certainly be able to reserve enough space) and as soon as we arrive you will hand it over to us, and you will surely find a nearby parking space by car. If we can only stop the truck further, say 50-100 meters from the gate, this means extra loading time, if we can park in the optimal place, the loading time can be minimized, thus the total amount to be paid will be less. Do not forget that it is also worth securing the parking space at the new address!

We work with the best materials, our 5-layer boxes are specially designed for moving, and at your request we can deliver them in the days prior to your move or even the weeks before you have time to pack. If you want us to pack the boxes, we will take the ordered boxes with us on the day of the move. Do not bother to purchase boxes, especially since you may not fit so many large boxes in your car and they are almost certainly not designed for moving. The quality boxes are very practical moving supplies, they can be packed well together, excellent use of the space, of course, only if nothing hangs out of them. When packing, when filling the cans, it is worth not overloading them. Excessively packed boxes can easily open and tear, although our boxes are very durable. Let’s just get three or four more boxes and pack it a little looser. We recommend the mixed packing technique, i.e. after a heavier batch it is easier to put a space-intensive object (such as a pillow), so the box will not be overloaded, yet the full capacity of the box is used.
We recommend bags exclusively for the transport of clothing, however, pay attention to buying only the strongest bag.

Accurately estimate the amount of material to be moved! The more accurate the line of items, the better the moving team can prepare and the most optimal truck will arrive at you.

Boxes used for moving are worth labeling. The markings are written on the side of the box with a thick felt-tip pen. In any case, it is practical to label “fragile” boxes containing fragile items, so these boxes are placed in the cargo compartment accordingly. It is worth writing the place of destination on the boxes used for moving, such as bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, etc. In this case, the moving colleagues know which room to put the current box in. Boxes, in addition to the inscription, are also worth marking with a serial number. Numbered boxes can be recorded, which lists the contents of the box itemically, making unpacking easier. The numbered box also helps you to accurately track the movement and number of boxes at the moment.

The opening parts of the cabinets, doors, drawers, drop-down doors must be glued, which we can also help. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the brown adhesive tape used for boxes, although strong enough, is difficult to remove, and because of the strong adhesive surface, it can also damage the polish of the furniture. Therefore, we recommend using a general scotch tape with a width of 4-6 cm, but transparent. By wrapping around the furniture, it securely holds its opening parts.

Furniture, cabinets, chests of drawers must be unpacked before delivery. Some larger pieces of furniture, packed packed, can reach up to 300-400 kg. Moving such loads requires extraordinary techniques. These special movers solutions can significantly dump the price of a move, in addition, the furniture structure does not withstand the load while moving, so if you unload the cabinet, you save money and the furniture structure can withstand itself.

If you have household appliances, washing machines or dishwashers that run on water and have not previously drained the water from them, you can drain water from them during the move and even soak your technical equipment. We can prevent unwanted water leakage, thus preserving the condition of books, electronic appliances and other equipment. It is advisable to wedge the drum of the washing machine with any remaining safety screw or a cardboard paper will do, so it will not shake. Transportation of the refrigerator is always carried out in a stationary position, but in case of loading and unloading it happens that it is necessary to tilt it. Please turn it on after at least 24 hours after delivery!

If you have furniture purchased in one of the furniture stores IKEA, KIKA, MÖMAX, etc. we recommend dismantling them. These pieces of furniture, due to their often weak structure, are at increased risk of injury by movement. We can help you with the disassembly and assembly of the furniture! If the customer still insists on the implementation envisaged by him, the responsibility lies with the customer!

It is no longer advisable to water our houseplants before moving. Believe me, it’s not good to hastily escape muddy water to save sensitive technical equipment. Their plants can withstand those two to three days without watering.
Pets and pets, being animal lovers, are also very fond of us. However, however much we would like to, for public health reasons, we are unfortunately unable to participate in the delivery of them.

If you know when you want to move, it is recommended that you make an appointment as early as possible, because they will fill in all the time. The end/beginning of the month period is the most crowded, since most of the sales contracts are concluded on such dates and the relocation will be actual. Generally speaking, most of our customers plan to move on weekends, so these dates are also crowded, so if you too would like to move on weekends, please plan ahead and check back in time for the quote.

With our 3.5ton trucks, you can drive almost anywhere without asking for a permit. It is important to know that in a paying zone, if the truck is loaded, there is no parking fee, but if no one is there, it is already considered a waiting vehicle, so it is subject to a fee.

During the moving, delivery, loading and loading, we keep our customers’ values, cabinets and furniture with special attention, but it is advisable to insure someone next to the truck. Please keep your cash and jewellery with you during the removals, and we cannot accept responsibility for the transportation of this. At the end of the removals, see that everything has been unloaded, make sure that the cargo compartment of the vehicle is empty. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any subsequent complaints!

On the day of the move, the team leader can contact you by phone if necessary.

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